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North America

The long-standing superpower and gigantic economy, the USA is a dream home for millions of people. The USA is one of the largest (3rd), most resourceful, and most diverse countries. World-class infrastructure, healthcare, social security, and roaring commerce are the major reasons why people from around the world wish to get American green cards and citizenship.

US - EB5

Under EB5, investors can get lawful residency (green card) for the family and themselves. Created in 1990, EB5 is the most popular immigration-by-investment program in recent times.

Eligibility Criteria :
  • Min. Investment – USD 900,000
  • Investment venues – Real estate projects (approved by USCIS), private enterprises.
  • Other requirements – Create 10 full-time jobs directly or indirectly.
Processing Time :
  • 2 to 3 years
Key Benefits :
  • Access to the American healthcare system, infrastructure, and social security benefits like pension.
  • Visa-free access to 150+ countries
  • Free school and subsidized higher education.
  • Green card holders can sponsor their relatives.
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This is an Employment-Based First Preference visa. People with extraordinary abilities, research scholars such as scientists and professors, and executives of multinational companies can apply under this category. Spouses and children can apply as dependents.

Eligibility Criteria :
  • The applicant must be working for a company with a presence both inside and outside the USA.
  • He/she should be working for such a firm for at least 1 year in the last three preceding years.
  • The applicant must be appointed as an executive or manager for the company.
  • Dependent children should not be older than 21 years of age.
Key Benefits :
  • Dependents can work legally with the necessary legal status.
  • No minimum or personal investment is required.
  • No need to create jobs.
  • EB1 can be renewed every two years.
  • EB1 can lead to a green card as well.
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US L1 A (Intra-company transfer)

L1 A is a non-immigration class visa that allows US firms to transfer their executives from their foreign branch to their US office. Also, foreign firms can send their executives to the USA for new establishments under this visa category.

Eligibility criteria
  • The firm applying for L1 must have a legal relationship with its foreign counterpart.
  • A new business establishment has no minimum investment mandate, but the business should be viable.
  • Dependent children should be less than 21 years old.
Key Benefits
  • Unlike EB5, there isn’t any quota limit for L1 which means no backlogs.
  • L1 holder can apply for greencard
  • The spouse can work with an L2 visa
  • Visa is renewable for seven years
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The largest country in North America, Canada is rich with abundant natural resources and a clean environment. Being expat-friendly and diverse, Canada is a popular destination to resettle among skilled professionals and entrepreneurs. Canada needs over 200,000 immigrants in the coming years and to achieve this, the country has launched several immigration programs.

Start-up Visa

The program is designed for skilled entrepreneurs who are willing to come to Canada with business ideas with certain attributes like

  • Innovative
  • Job creation
  • Competent on a global scale
Eligibility Criteria :
  • Min. Investment – Non
  • Investment venues – active businesses
  • Other requirements – CLB 5 in IELTS, innovative business idea
Key Benefits :
  • One of the fastest ways to get Canadian PR
  • No business experience required
  • No minimum investment required
  • Multiple partners can apply one business idea

PNP Entrepreneur Stream

For people with substantial business experience, PNPs are ideal as an investor gets an opportunity to move to Canada before investing. BC PNP, OINP, and SINP are some of the popular provincial programs.

Eligibility Criteria :

Different Provincial Nominee Programs have different qualifying criteria based on their individual requirements. Some of the general requirements are given below.

  • Applicant must demonstrate substantial business experience
  • Applicant should possess a certain minimum net worth, both liquid and fixed.
  • Language competence
  • Ability to invest more than CAD 100000

Key Benefits :

  • Number of PNPs to choose from, each having different qualifying criteria.
  • Investors get ample time (2 years of work permit is granted upon selection) after moving to Canada to commence their business.
  • The spouse can get an open work permit immediately.

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