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UAE is one of the wealthiest and most business-friendly countries. Along with outstanding infrastructure, the UAE offers a favorable tax regime. The quality of life is at par with developed Western countries.

UAE Golden Visa

The Golden Visa in UAE long-term residency visa is available for investors, entrepreneurs, and scientists among other exceptional talents. The visa is renewable and valid for five or ten years.

Eligibility criteria :
  • Min. investment – AED 2 Million.
  • Investment venues – Funds, commercial enterprise, real estate, etc.
  • Entrepreneurs can get Golden Visa for 5 years by investing AED 500,000 in their businesses.
Key Benefits :
  • No need for a sponsor.
  • Unrestricted travel to UAE.
  • Ability to sponsor dependent family members.
  • The ability to sponsor domestic help.
  • Be a part of a free and futuristic economy.
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This is an island country in Southeast Asia. Singapore is a highly developed market economy with 2nd highest per capita GDP. Singapore is a well-known tax haven and home to many millionaires compared to the country’s size and population.

Global Investor Program

Wealthy investors and entrepreneurs can get Singapore residency by investing in their businesses or govt approved funds. It allows dependent family members to apply as well.

Eligibility Criteria :
  • Min Investment – S$ 2.5 Million.
  • Investment venues – Start-up or existing business, govt approved funds.
  • Must demonstrate significant business experience.
  • At least 30% of the shares should be held by the investor in a private enterprise.
Key Benefits :
  • Residency in one the most dynamic market economy.
  • Low taxes on personal and global income.
  • Eligible family members can work legally.
  • Based on merit, this program can lead to citizenship.
  • Major children and parents can get 5 years of visas for a long-term stay which is renewable.
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Thailand Elite Residency Program

Thailand is a touristic destination with tropical beaches in southeast Asia. This program is meant for people who want to enjoy an extended stay in Thailand. This visa is renewable, and its validity ranges from 5 to 20 years. Some of the features and requirements for this program are given below:

  • Min Investment – USD 18000 (THB 600,000)
  • Application process – 2 months
  • Investment venues – real estate and donation
  • Dependents can be added with additional investments.
  • Validity – up to 20 years and renewable
  • This program doesn’t lead to permanent residency or citizenship.
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